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What is the Best Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes?

The root cause of Type2 Insulin Resistance. Insulin resistance is due to various reasons like overweight, hereditary reasons, stress, inactivity or others. It is mainly a lifestyle metabolic disorder. When it comes to the management of type 2 diabetes, here are some most common ways.

What is the Best Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

1. A Balanced Diet

  • The Right balance of nutrition

  • High Protein in diet

  • High Fiber in the diet

  • Calorie restriction when over weight

2. Consistent Physical Activity & Exercise

Exercising regularly is essential for achieving and maintaining healthy body weight. In addition to this, exercising helps one in maintaining their blood sugar levels and also helps in improvement in insulin sensitivity of the body. It is also important to have a mix of cardio and strength training to achieve complete body exercise routine. Make sure your exercise routine is safe by consulting your primary care physician or a good physical trainer.

3. Weight Loss

Losing extra weight not only helps in better sugar control but also helps in improvement in cholesterol, triglyceride levels, as well as blood pressure. It has been suggested that even a modest weight loss of 5-10% can have beneficial effects on these indicators for the overweight. However, the benefits to your health and disease management from weight loss increase with the amount of weight lost. Your doctor or dietitian can help you establish reasonable weight loss targets and promote behavioral changes to help you succeed.

4. Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels

At-home monitoring is typically performed with a tiny device called a blood glucose meter, which calculates the amount of sugar in a blood sample. Keep a track of your blood sugar levels so that you can better track your habits and also inform your healthcare advisor.

5. Medications or Insulin Therapy

The following are examples of diabetes medications used to treat type 2.

  • Metformin- It works by lowering glucose production in the liver and improves body's sensitivity to insulin.

  • Glinides add to insulin secretion by stimulating the pancreas.

  • GLP-1 receptor agonists changes the process of digestion and absorption of carbohydrates , helping lower blood sugar levels.

  • Sulfonylureas help one's body secrete more insulin.

  • Thiazolidinediones make the tissues of the body more sensitive to the effect of insulin.

  • Aspirin, blood pressure medications, and cholesterol-lowering drugs may be prescribed in addition to diabetes medications for cardiovascular disease prevention.

  • Insulin therapy is also recommended to some based on their conditions.


Taking these measures will assist in maintaining a more normal blood sugar level, which may postpone or prevent the onset of complications. Consult the expert today! Visit the Dia Happy Clinic and book an appointment to avail the best-in-class healthcare services when it comes to diabetes and its management.


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